10 Steps To Create Your Free Blog And Start Making Money With...

10 Steps To Create Your Free Blog And Start Making Money With It


10 Steps To Create Your Free Blog And Start Making Money With It


To start a blog, you need to know what are you going to Write about. You could cover any topic from Fitness to Technology to Jokes. However, your topic should be appealing to the masses and yet with a unique content that keeps your reader engaged.


There are many CMS platforms available to host your Blog like Blogger, WordPress.com, Self-hosted WordPress.org, Joomla Drupal, Tumblr, medium etc. Out of these, Blogger, WordPress.org, and WordPress.com are the most common platforms used by bloggers.

However if you’re looking to earn from your Blog, WordPress.com too is not an option for you as it does not allow you to Post Advertisements, which is the primary source of Income for most Bloggers. WordPress.com is just for casual bloggers. So henceforth whenever I say WordPress, I would be referring to WordPress.org only.

So now the question arises, WordPress Or Blogger-Which is better? That’s a tricky question. I would say it depends on what’s “More Important” for you.

Find it out yourself, WordPress or Blogger, what is perfect for you.


Once you have decided the blogging platform, the next step would be to choose a Domain Name for your blog.

If you’re using Blogger as your platform, you have the option of either using Blogger’s subdomain which would be in the format ‘yourblog.blogspot.com’ or choosing a custom domain with format ‘www.yourblog.com’.

However, I will strongly recommend you to buy a custom domain as they are available for very cheap. Also, if in future, you plan to transfer your Blog from Blogger to WordPress, with a custom domain, you can easily transfer it without losing traffic and search engine rankings.

For starting a blog with WordPress, it necessary for you to Purchase domain name as WordPress does not offer any Sub-domain.

Selection of right domain name is very Important. You must select a domain name which best describes your Blog content. Keywords in the domain name can greatly improve your search engine ranking.

Generally, domain names with .com extension are preferred. However if your Blog targets a specific country, local domains may be selected. Often people buy multiple domain names with various extensions like .com, .in, .net etc. to make sure no one else takes benefit of your Brand.


If you are going to use blogger, you can skip this step as Blogger is hosted on Google Servers and so does not require you to purchase a hosting.

For WordPress users, there are various Hosting companies available. Some of them offer very cheap hosting. However, you must make sure to host your blog with a good and reputed company. Cheap hosts can lead frequent downtime, which may not go well with your Readers. Also, cheap hosts often compromise with security features, making your blog more vulnerable to hacking.

Bluehost is the most reliable hosting company and has been recommended by many Professional Bloggers. It is also officially recommended by WordPress. However, if you are looking for a cheaper option you may consider GoDaddy. You can check the deals section for latest Hosting offers.


Setting up a Blog with blogger is really simple. Since Blogger is Google’s baby, if you have a Gmail or any Google account, it’s as good as having a Blogger account.

For Setting up WordPress Blog, you can refer my article on Starting WordPress Blog from scratch. You may skip first 2 points about selecting domain name and host as we have already discussed the same here.


It is very important that you write a good and original article. If you just copy/paste articles from other blogs, you may not be able to draw visitors as Google Search Engine has an algorithm that ignores duplicate content.

You can always take inspiration from other for some fill-up articles. However, you must have atleast few articles which are very unique and which are good enough to make your visitors come back to blog.


Now that your Blog and content both are ready, you can start writing your first blog. Though not a Thumb’s rule, but ideally your first article should be Introduction about your Blog, so that people have an idea what they are going to see inside. You can either make it as your static Home page or if you’re using WordPress, you can even mark it as a sticky post so that it remains on the Top

Your next post should cover a broader topic about your niche and then you can write more specific posts by linking it with the main post.


It is very important to keep updating your blog regularly. If you do not update your Blog, You cannot make people visit your Blog again. No one would like to read the same old content every time they visit a website. Also, a regularly updated blog is more likely to rank higher at Search engines and so more likely to get more traffic


To earn a decent income with your blog, you need traffic to your Blog. However, for a new Blog, it is very difficult to get traffic as you may not get Organic traffic from Google. The best way to draw more visitors to your Blog is through Social Media Marketing. Start posting links to your Blog on Social Media Websites like Facebook and Twitter.

You can also leave useful comments on other blogs in your niche. This may not get you much traffic, but will get your backlinks and also help you develop good relations with fellow bloggers. If you have good relations with fellow bloggers, you may request them to write a guest post at their blog. You can squeeze in a couple of links to your blog in the guest article to get more traffic.


The final step is to earn money with your Blog. For most Bloggers, a vast majority of revenue is generated through Advertisements. Broadly speaking, there are 3 ways you can earn money from advertisements

1. Pay per Impression(PPI): You display an add-on your web page, when someone visits your web page it is counted as 1 Impression and your account is credited for the same

2) Pay Per Click(PPC): This is the most common form of advertisement. Here you display advertisements on your web page. If a visitor comes to your page and clicks on the advertisement, you get paid for it

3) Pay Per Sale (PPS): As the name suggests, in this method, you will display an advertisement on your web page. If the visitor clicks on it and buys something, you get paid for he same. This method is also referred to as Affiliate Marketing.

For PPI and PPC, Google Adsense is the first option of most bloggers. Google usually pays you 60% of total ad revenues it generates. However, Google may approve or disapprove your registration request for Adsense based on some undisclosed Criteria.

It is generally recommended to write atleast 20-25 posts and get atleast 100 Visitors per day before applying for Google Adsense. Though these numbers are just an indication, as no one really knows the exact number of Visitors and blog pages Google is looking for.