23 Things You Can Do To Get Noticed As a New Blogger

23 Things You Can Do To Get Noticed As a New Blogger



1.Pick your platforms and focus on them. Be sensational at Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter rather than barely making any headway in 6 social media platforms because you spread yourself too thin and don’t spend enough time and effort schmoozing in any of those platforms.

2.Leverage current events for your relevance. Ride the trending hashtags, if you can connect them with your niche. Anything goes, if you’re witty enough! Just don’t be insensitive when you use particularly tragic events.

3.Use famous people/movies/characters with huge fandoms. If you’re not aware, fandoms are fan kingdoms. They’re huge– think Taylor Swift, Harry Potter, Rihanna, sports/teams/players, Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead, etc. A graphic meme witty/hilarious/outrageous enough will get on the fans’ radar, and will snowball overnight, or in as little as one hour!

4.Use the 80-20 rule in social media. Post your own content ONLY 20% of the time. 80% should be external posts. This is where #2 comes in. You become sensational in social media when your page becomes a ‘source’. Find out what’s great and share it. The original poster/page is happy. Your page gets noticed. That notice becomes traffic to your page, and then to your blog. You’re happy. It’s win-win!

5.Make it easy for your readers to share your content in their chosen platform. Your social media share buttons should be visible, and include a CTA for your readers to share or Like/Follow you there.

Are your headlines Tweetable at 120 characters or less (leave room for their own comments and tags)? Do you include Pinterest- or Tumblr-worthy infographics?

6.Social Media Marketing These are highly-targeted ads and your post goes straight to your audience’s feeds. When combined with your presence on pages and communities where your audience hangs out, these ads are doubly effective. Your audience will click them, because they’ve seen you around.

7.Post sensational content. Not just a photo you took and then added your watermark. Something original, funny, witty, gorgeous, sad, infuriating, etc. People on social media are visual creatures, and they want to look smart/funny/witty to their own followers.

8.Post on schedule, on time. Regularly and often enough that you’re in your audience’s radar, but not too often that they unfollow you just so they can see other pages and other people in their feed.

  • Find your audience hours. Experiment and see in which days and hours you get the most engagement in your posts, and exclusively post during those times.

9.Post on weekdays. Promote on weekdays. Distract your audience from work. They’re offline on weekends!

10.Read a lot, write a lot. That’s advice from Stephen King about writing in general. But in this case, reading/writing a lot means you read and then you leave an insightful line to that blogger.Take your time about it. Not just a haphazard, empty comment.

11.Always name your sources. And I mean name-dropping and linking. Quote experts!

12.Know your niche’s language– and even create new words yourself. No high-falutin vocabulary. Speak the lingo. AND not only should you use buzzwords, create them! It might catch! The Internet is very conscious of proper attribution these days, so rest assured the origin would be traced to you. If it’s cute enough, witty enough, people WILL use it.

13.Guest posting is queen. If content is king, guest posting is queen. Learn how, and use it to your advantage. Guest posting is one of the best techniques to reach your target audience.

14.Give away something awesome. Different and separate from a lead magnet. This one has no strings, just something your guest post host would love to include, an incentive for accepting your post and an incentive for your new readers to Like and Share your post. If you have a product or service, perhaps an “exclusive” discount or freebie to a lucky winner?

15.Take great photos. Or buy them from professionals around you. Blogs are visual. So many new bloggers get lazy with images. They think words are enough. They use stock photos, or they use what’s already out there for the taking.

16.Watermark your images. That’s the only ownership you could have after you upload your images online. Afterward, anyone can use them. It can’t be helped. But at least your brand is there first. There are plenty of free apps you can use to add a watermark to your photos/graphics.

17.Use text overlay. This means using an image as a background for text, with both image and text resonating what message you wanted to convey, whether it’s your headline or a particularly interesting quote or stat. If you don’t know how to do it, have it done by a professional. THIS image could be your highly shareable content.

18.Be genuine and personal. Once you frequent Buzzfeed enough times, you’d notice that every post made to please huge groups of people but is not a particularly dear subject to the author ALWAYS ends up wrong and derided. But when the topic is truly something the author knows, loves/hates, it shows, and the readers are pleased because they can recognize a kindred spirit!

19.Promote your content actively, and look for active promotion when looking to cross-promote. You and your promotee/promoter should tweet several times, repost on Facebook, post in several platforms, include the post in newsletters. Lazy promotion is no promotion at all.

20.Get an education: learn from the best. Enroll in workshops and masterclasses. You learn a lot, it gives you an edge, and it’s a networking opportunity too. It enables you to do the next tip