4 Steps For Selecting The Perfect Topic For Your Blog

4 Steps For Selecting The Perfect Topic For Your Blog


4 Steps For Selecting The Perfect Topic For Your Blog, leonard hysaj

Selecting a perfect topic for blogging is the most essential part. It is the base for your blogging career. However, most people find this to be the toughest part because they are totally clueless about where to start from. They don’t know in what direction they must think to get a good topic for Blogging.

Some people may be tempted to select topics which their friends or colleagues Blog about, just because they are earning well. However, it is not wise to Blog about something just because someone else is doing great with it

However if you think systematically, narrowing down a perfect topic for your blog will never be tough. I Am going to list down proven steps to narrow down on to a perfect Topic for Blogging.



Write down things that you have very good knowledge about. It may be your Hobby or your career, or Politics or Music or some specific knowledge you have about something. Make sure to write down as many of them as you can as we are going to filter out topics at every step. But the most important things is to know which are the Most Profitable High Paying Niche In Google Adsense so you can write about something you love and at the same time will get payed more about it .


The next step will be to further narrow down to the topics that you feel can be very popular among people. To know how popular your blog Topic can be, try searching for it on the internet. The more blogs your find, the more popular the topic is. Google Keywords Planner is another great tool you may use. This can give you an exact idea about how many monthly searches a particular topic gets. Also check out this List of Google Adsense High Paying Keywords.


Now that you have topics you love, they are popular and profitable high paying Niche .Your next step would be to visit few blogs related to your topic. That will give you an idea about what people generally write about at their blogs.

Of course, you should not copy them. Rather think of something unique you can write about which you feel people have not yet covered. A unique content can get people engaged to your blog. If you write the same things which others do, you will be directly competing with the already established people. Moreover, if you copy others, there are chances that your visitors may have read it already somewhere else. If it’s so, they will not explore your blog and rather leave it immediately.

Start thinking about the topics you narrowed down and think if you can come up with anything unique about any of those topics.

Let me explain you with an example. Suppose you have narrowed down to Fitness as your topic. There are many blogs related to it. But if you can come up with some unique diet plan that helps people reduce weight in a week that will be an instant hit among your visitors. It may take a while for your to come up with unique ideas. Take your time and don’t hurry up to zero down on a topic and then regret it a couple of months into Blogging about that topic. PS: Blogs about Diets and Weight Loss are listed among highest paying niche in Google Adsense.


Start writing articles about the topic you selected from Step 4. If you are still left with more than 1 topic, try blogging about them all. If the articles are co-related you can club them in one blog and if they are totally different, you may start with two blogs. A couple of months down the line, you will realize which one is getting people’s attention. You may continue blogging with both or continue with a more popular one depending upon the response you get.