4 Tips To Get 10x More Free Blog Traffic

4 Tips To Get 10x More Free Blog Traffic



In this post, I’m going to share 4 unusual tips you can use right away on your blog to get more traffic and shares, without spending a penny on advertising.

1.Reshare your content on social media multiple times

If you’re sharing your content on social media just once, you’re missing out on a lot of traffic.

Here’s why:

Your users are in different geographic locations and will check their social media at different times. Your followers living on the other side of the world will likely miss your content if you only share it on your time.

Not all your followers (regardless of where they live) are logged in a same time and might miss your post.

According to Wiselytics, a tweet has a half-life of just 5 minutes. That is, after 5 minutes, a tweet reaches only half its audience.

The solution is to repost your content multiple times spread out over several weeks.

Different social media channels demand different reposting schedules. 


2.Tell readers exactly what you want them to do with your content (link/comment/share)

Suppose you spent a good amount of time creating quality content. Now you’re starting to get some traffic. Your readers are even staying on your page long enough to read entire articles.

But there is one problem – they come, read and leave, without performing any action.

This is a problem faced by most bloggers and it has a surprisingly easy fix:

Ask readers to perform an action, and

Make it as easy as possible for them to do it.

You’ll be surprised to know how many of your readers are happy to share your content if you explicitly ask them to.

For example, ViralNova doesn’t just stick a couple of share icons at the bottom of its posts. Instead, it asks readers to “Share on Facebook”:


3.Create shareworthy headlines

80 percent of your readers will only read the headline, not the article.

Yet, most bloggers dash off a headline within seconds even after spending hours working on the article.

The result? Low shares, poor CTRs and a perpetual lack of traffic.

The solution is to create more shareworthy headlines.

These are headlines that make readers want to stop and say to themselves, “I want to read this”.

Here are two ways to do this:

A. Generate curiosity

If you can get readers to say “I wonder what happens next?”, you are almost guaranteed more shares and traffic.

All curiosity-generating headlines usually have two things in common:

They make the reader wonder why something is happening.

They make an exaggerated claim, but don’t include the resolution in the title itself.

Upworthy’s blog is a great example of such headlines:

If you read the last headline, you’d probably wonder why the photo of the 93-year old woman is going viral, and you’d click through.

Be wary with outright clickbait titles though, and over-using them. It can be one of the fastest ways to turn readers off.

B. Use exclamations and power words

Power words are words you don’t generally come across in everyday speech. Think of words like “spectacular”, “stunning”, or “dangerous”.

It’s the same with exclamations like “Oh My God!” or “Wow!”. Since you’re not likely to see them used often in normal conversations, they grab your attention when you come across them.

This is why including at least one exclamation or power word can make your headlines much more shareworthy.

Buzzfeed is notorious for doing this. For example, in this headline, the “Oh My God” immediately grabs the reader’s attention.

4.Incentivize your readers to share or sign-up for your email list

Offering customers an incentive to get others onboard is a time tested growth tactic used by established companies and startups alike. Dropbox, for instance, used incentives in its growth stage to get 60% more sign-ups.

But that’s for tech startups and service businesses. How can a blogger use incentives to get more shares and emails?

Here’s an example from none other than Bill Gates: