5 Small Changes You Can Do To Increase Your Google Adsense Revenue

5 Small Changes You Can Do To Increase Your Google Adsense Revenue



1.Left-Aligned Ads Earn 276% More Revenue

google adsense left aligned adsAn interesting case study from Problogger reveals that the alignment of your Adsense ads can have a significant impact on your Adsense revenue.

When comparing Adsense adverts that are aligned to either the left or the right of the page, Darren discovered that those on the left earned almost three times as much.

2.Text-Only Ads Can Increase Adsense Revenue By 6 Times

Google Adsense may officially recommend that you display both text ads and image ads but some website owners have found that shunning image ads in favor of good old-fashioned text can significantly boost revenues.

Your results may vary but website owner Keith Lock found getting rid of the image ads on his site increased his Adsense earnings by an amazing 600%!

3.The Most Profitable Ad Sizes Are The Large Rectangle And The Leaderboard

Lisa Irby over at 2CreateAWebsite shares some of her Adsense results, broken down by the revenue produced by different ad block sizes. In line with a number of other sources – including both Google themselves and my own experimentation the large rectangle and The Leaderboard ar 2 Most Profitable type of ads.

4.Showing Fewer Ads Can Actually Increase Adsense Revenues

The standard advice given when it comes to increasing your Adsense revenue is simply to put more Adsense ads on your site. After all, more ads means a greater chance of clicks, right?

Well not necessarily it seems. Adsense loads the most valuable ads first, with later ad blocks housing less profitable adverts. So while you may get more clicks, these may well be worth far less than a smaller number of clicks on those ads at the top of your site.

Mitz over at Famous Bloggers reveals how she removed an Adsense block from her blog’s sidebar and instantly saw revenue from her more profitable ads increase as a result.

5.Changing The Color Scheme Of Your Adsense Ads Can Double Your Revenue

I’ve recently been testing out Google’s Adsense Experiments tool that lets you effortlessly split test different color schemes for your Adsense ads. What I’ve found so surprising isn’t just that changing my color scheme has doubled the Adsense revenue from some of my sites.

No, in some of my experiments I’ve found that a certain color scheme works best in one position, but in another location a totally different color scheme performs better!

Therefore don’t just test different color schemes site-wide, but carry out individual split tests on a block-by-block basis to really get the very most from your Adsense ads.