9 Effective Strategies To Get Free Twitter Followers

9 Effective Strategies To Get Free Twitter Followers


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To leverage Twitter, you need followers who will be interested in reading your tweets and the content you share. In this post, I’ll explain to you how to get free Twitter followers quickly in a span of 2-3 months.

Of course, this method may not give you instant Twitter followers, but it is certainly better to have fewer genuine followers than a large number of followers who never engage with your tweets.

1.Write The Perfect Twitter Bio

You get 140 characters to describe yourself in the best possible way in Twitter Bio. Cover as much information about you in the Bio. Remember following points to make sure your Twitter Bio stands out of the rest.

  1. You must include your profession, your niche and your strengths in your Bio
  2. Try to be witty, yet professional.
  3. Try to use keywords in your Bio like Blogger, SEO, Fashion Blogger, Android Tips, Programmer, etc. to make sure you make your profile discoverable in Twitter search.
  4. Use # Hashtags in front of keywords.
  5. Twitter allows you to include only one link to your Blog, or your other social network from Twitter profile. Use it smartly.

2.Know Whom To Follow

Twitter has some stranger rules. If you follow someone, they are more likely to follow you back. Plus, if someone follows you and you do not follow back, they many unfollow you.

However, you must follow only relevant people. Just because they followed you, you should not follow them back. So you must examine their profile to know whether or not they are worth following.

You must check the number of Twitter followers the person has and also the number of people the person is following. There can be four situations.

a. Many followers and following many: These are the Twitter profiles you must follow. Since they are following many people, they are more likely to follow you back, and if they tweet/retweet your content, it would reach the masses.

b. Many followers and following few: These people are termed as Influencers. They are less likely to follow you back. You can use your judgement if following the person would be beneficial for you.

c. Negligible Followers And Following Many: Even though these people are very likely to follow you, you should not follow them. This is because even if they tweet or retweet your content, it will have limited reach.

d. Negligible Followers And Following Few: They may either be not active on Twitter or a new profile trying to build followers. If they joined Twitter recently, you might consider following them. If it’s an old profile, stay away.

While the person may have many Twitter followers, there are chances that he may have bought Twitter followers or used free Twitter follower services. In that case, some or many of his Twitter followers will either be fake or of low quality.

You need not verify each and every follower of his. Just have a quick glance. If you see lots of eggs or spam Twitter Handles, then the person does have fake followers, and you better avoid following them. Alternately you can also use tools like Fakers App to check fake Twitter followers for any profile.

3.Find Relevant People To Follow

As discussed earlier, Twitter lets you search people by keywords in their profile. At my blog, I write about SEO and Blogging. Therefore, It would be more beneficial for me if I have my Twitter followers from blogging and SEO fraternity. So, I will search for the keywords SEO, Blogger, Blogging, etc.

As shown in Image below, you can also filter the search results to display only people near you, or you can go for the Advanced search option if you want to further refine your search results.

Search-Twitter-Followers leoard hysaj

4.Steal Your Competitor’s Followers

The best way to gain relevant followers is to “Steal” your competitor’s followers.  Since you and your competitor have similar business profiles, people who are following your competitor are more likely to follow you too.

Method 1: Follow Your Competitor’s Followers

This is the simplest method. All you need to do is follow your competitor’s followers. Most of them will follow you back. But wait, is it really worth following any Tom, Dick and Harry who follows your competitor?

It is certainly not worth it. A better approach would be only to follow those followers of your competitor whom your competitor is following back. So if Mr.X is following your competitor and your competitor follows back him, it is probably worth following Mr. X.

Method 2: Find Out Who is Sharing Your Competitor’s Post

This is a much better way to steal your competitor’s Twitter Followers. If someone is sharing your competitor’s post on social media, he is naturally interested in the niche, and if you can provide good content to him, he will, in more likelihood, follow you and also share your posts.

To find who is sharing your competitor’s post, you can use tools like Mention. Whenever someone mentions your competitor’s Twitter ID or Name or Website Name on Twitter ( Or anywhere on the internet depending on your settings), the website will send out an alert to you and also record the same in its feeds so that you can easily find the person who mentioned him.

Follow The Influencers In Your Niche

Influencers in your niche are not very likely to follow you back. The idea of following the influencers is to make sure you get enough exposure. If you can establish yourself as someone who has deep knowledge about the niche by retweeting the influencers and posting questions to them, you are increasing your chances of gaining more Twitter Followers.

5.Embed Twitter Social Button At Your Blog

If you want to gain a good number of Twitter followers, the first thing you need to do is add Twitter Follow buttons on our website. You can also consider using Twitter Widget showing your latest Tweets to grab the attention of your website’s Visitors.

If you are a WordPress user, you could also use plugins that enable your visitors to share Important points on Twitter with just a click. I prefer using Better Click To Tweet.

Also, make sure to use a Twitter Share button below each article so that people can easily share your post.

6.Tweet Regularly

More you Tweet, more the chances of your Tweets being retweeted and hence more exposure you will get. However, hundreds of low quality and irrelevant tweets can be a turn off for most. Nobody wants to see their Twitter feeds being hijacked by a single person and that too with irrelevant ones.

So avoid going overboard. Focus on quality of Tweets rather than quantity. However make sure to Tweet at least 3-4 times a day.

7.Use #Hashtags Wisely

Tweets with hashtags gets two times more response than Tweets without it.  However, to be noted is, there is a drop in Engagement for Tweets with more than two hashtags. So make sure to use one or two relevant hashtags with your Tweets.

8.“Time” Your Tweet

Not just the content, the time of your Tweet matters too. In the US, Tweets posted between 11 pm and 5 am get’s maximum Engagement ( Clicks, Favorites, Retweets, and Replies). If Clicks are all you are looking for, the best time for you to Tweet will be 2 am to 3 am.

9. Use Twitter Manager Tools

To keep a track of your Followers and Unfollowers and to Unfollow people who do not follow you back, you can use applications like CrowdFire App, which comes with free as well as Paid Membership plans. Of Course, the free version has certain limits.

For a more comprehensive Social Media Management,  you can try applications like Sprout Social and Hootsuite, which can streamline all your Social Media Activities. They can also help you queue up your Tweets to be published at the “Right Time.”