About Leonard Hysaj

About Leonard Hysaj

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Leonard Hysaj

Web Designer,Content Creator ,Marketing Specialist and Business Person.For over 6 years Leonard has been helping organizations and individuals to increase sales, build brand awareness, and increase customer loyalty.He also has helped a lot of individuals in their way to Being Sucessful Publishers and Bloggers.

Leonard was born in Albania and he has been lived there unitl 2015 when he moved to New Jersey,United States. He’s 23 years Old and he’s Married with his beautiful wife Ina.

Leonard got his first check as Adsense Publisher in the age of 16 when he owned several Entertainment sites with mostly Celebrity Content. He was the only content creator until 1 year later when he hired 12 people to write in his 50 Entertainment Websites at the time.This was a big step for a 17 years old but he continued investing in Websites and Marketing,speacially in Social Media Marketing .

Leonard’s Websites and Companies Accounts in Social Media combined together count over 4.5 Million Followers and Likes.

In 2012 he cofounded TiranaStore an E-Commerce site selling electronics products from China all over Balkan.He also is the founder of Doogee Store which basically sells only Doogee Products worldwide.

In 2015 he founded Alpet Design an Web Design and Web Development Company Operating in New York and New Jersey United States.

In 2016 he cofounded Volantis Construction a construction company based in Brooklyn New York.

He also has been teaching Web Design, Marketing and Website Monetization in Albania ,New Jersey and New York for Severals Years now.