About Leonard Hysaj

About Leonard Hysaj

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Leonard Hysaj

Web Designer,Content Creator ,Marketing Specialist and Business Person. For over 7 years Leonard has been helping organizations and individuals to increase sales, build brand awareness, and increase customer loyalty.He also has helped a lot of individuals in their way to Being Successful Publishers and Bloggers.

I Was born in Albania and lived there unitl 2015 when i moved to New Jersey,United States. I’am 23 years Old and i’am Married with my beautiful wife Ina.

I got MY first check as Adsense Publisher AT the age of 16 when i started several Entertainment blogs with mostly Celebrity and Hollywood Gossip Content. I was the only content creator until 1 year later when I hired 12 people to write in 50 Entertainment Websites at the time.This was a big step for a 17 years old but i continued investing in Websites and Marketing, speacially in Social Media Marketing .

My Websites and Companies Accounts in Social Media combined together count over 4.5 Million Followers and Likes.

In 2012 i cofounded TiranaStore an E-Commerce site selling electronics products from China all over Balkan. I’am also  the founder of Bay Ridge Store an E-Commerce Clothing Store based in Brooklyn NY.

In 2015 i founded Alpet Design a Web Design and Web Development Company Operating in New York and New Jersey United States.

In 2016 i cofounded Volantis Construction a construction company based in Brooklyn New York.

Also i have been teaching Web Design, Marketing and Website Monetization in Albania ,New Jersey and New York for Several Years now.