+199 Types of Free Web Traffic Sources

February 6, 2018

In this post i will cover +199 Types of Free Web Traffic Sources  that are very often overlooked by many internet marketers, but those who know them and use them, are producing thousands upon thousands of unique clicks every single day. So, if you are ready, let’s get straight into it.

1. Image/photo sharing traffic.

There are many image/photo sharing sites, such as instagram.com, flickr.com or imgur.com where you can freely share your images (in any niche) with a link back to your own website/blog.

And here’s a complete list of some of the most popular photo sharing sites (sorted by traffic):

• Instagram.com
• Imgur.com
• Flickr.com
• Photobucket.com
• DeviantArt.com
• Shutterfly.com
• TinyPic.com
• WeHeartIt.com
• ImageShack.com
• ImageVenue.com
• ImageBam.com
• SmugMug.com
• Picasa.com
• Twitpic.com
• Snapfish.com

2. Document sharing sites

Did you know that you can share your own .doc or .pdf files with your link inside those documents?

Here are the top 20 document sharing sites (sorted by traffic):

• Slideshare.net
• Scribd.com
• Docstoc.com
• Issuu.com
• Crocodoc.com
• Docshare.com
• Wepapers.com
• Myplick.com
• Powershow.com
• Slidesix.com
• Gotomyfiles.com
• My.huddle.net
• Twidox.com
• Pex.webexone.com
• Docuter.com
• Slideboom.com
• Authorstream.com
• Slidelive.com
• Slideserve.com
• Slideburner.com

3. eBay.com traffic

eBay is one of the biggest sites on the internet. And as with any other big site out there, you can always get your own share of that traffic.

Some of the creative ways you can use on eBay are:
• create an ‘about me page’ where you can put your link back to your blog/website.

• take advantage of the eBay traffic and sell very cheap .pdf reports or ebooks in your niche. And of course, don’t forget to include your squeeze page/blog link inside your .pdf.

4. Craigslist.com

Craigslist is the most trafficked classified ad sites on the internet.

I’ll be honest with you, we haven’t used Craigslist yet, however we’ve heard some incredible success stories from those who were able to crack the code of Craigslist.

Just keep in mind that if you promote CPA offers, most CPA networks don’t allow to send traffic from Craigslist.

Your best bet is to send them to your squeeze page first, build a list and then promote stuff through email marketing.

Craigslist traffic can work wonders in any mainstream niche: bizz-op, dating, free stuff… You name it.

If you need even more traffic, you can also try these popular classified ad sites:


5. Pinterest.com traffic

According to Mashable.com, Pinterest.com Drives More Traffic to Blogs Than Twitter! Also Pinterest is generating more referral traffic to websites than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn *combined*.

If you are not utilizing on pinterest traffic yet, you are missing out a lot.

Hands down the best Pinterest strategy is to first send all your traffic to your content page/blog and monetize that traffic with Adsense or Amazon ads.

We often hear people say that it takes a lot of manual work to see a decent traffic coming in from Pinterest.com. Well, not if you are using some kind of automation tools! We try to automate as much things as we possibly can in our business. It can save a lot of time.

Before you jump on, make sure to take a look at the chart below.

6. Missspeled domain traffic

This goes more into the grey hat area. We are not doing this nor do we recommend you. However, we’ll cover this strategy anyway. Use it at your own risk ?

Miss-spelled traffic is basically a traffic that comes from misspelled web addresses.

For instance, there are millions of people everyday typing google.com into their address bar. A good percentage of them will mistype the url and put gppgle.com or gooogle.com.

Knowing that google.com is the #1 most visited URL on the internet, the traffic adds up.

According to “Google”, the Top 4 misspells are: Gogle, Googel, Googl, and Googlr, Here are just a couple of misspellings and where they lead to:

www.oogle.com – First a search engine, then forward to adult content.
www.googlee.com – A spam portal.
www.giigle.com – A spam portal.
www.googlde.de – Adult content.
www.goofle.com – File not found.
www.goohle.com – Link-infested spam portal Unigod.
www.hoogle.com – Again, file not found.
www.googlee.com – Another spam portal.
www.gougle.com – A spam link page with some adult links and lots of gambling topics.
www.googke.com – You don’t want to visit this page as a dozen “Bookmark this page?” pop-ups are started.
www.gppgle.com – Nothing returned from this domain except another auto-bookmark pop-up.
www.foogle.com – Page not found.
www.gople.com – Looks like an asian portal site.
www.goovle.com – A German-language dating system with search-facility.
www.gootle.com – Yet another domain squatter forwarding to his web space.
www.gooyle.com – This spam attempt doesn’t yet have a site configured at the address (forwards to Banch.com).
www.gooble.com – Nothing here.
www.google.com – Hit-the-bear-and-win spam.
www.googlr.com – File not found.

You get the idea.

This is just an example. You can use this on other websites or even trending events, such us popular movies. At the moment, The Dark Knight Rises is all over the place. Having this in mind, you can buy all sort of domain variations: www.darllnight.com, www.darkknoght.com and I’m sure you would see some random traffic coming in.

7. Coupon traffic

If you offer coupon codes for your products or services, don’t forget coupon directories.

People love discounts and coupons.

Groupon.com is a living example. Make sure you add your coupons to the following coupon/deal of the day directories:

• bensbargains.com
• couponcabin.com
• couponcraze.com
• couponcraze.com
• coupongirl.com
• couponmountain.com
• currentcodes.com
• dailyedeals.com
• dealcatcher.com
• dealhunting.com
• dealofday.com (Forum)
• deals2buy.com
• deals4dummies.com
• dealtaker.com
• edealsetc.com
• gottadeal.com (Forum)
• happycoupons.com
• headlinedeals.com
• jackscouponcodes.com
• keycode.com
• mycoupons.com
• promotioncode.org
• quicktoclick.com
• ultimatecoupons.com
• wanting.com

Above sites are hugely popular and get incredible amount of traffic everyday.

Coupons are great not just for increasing your conversions, but if it’s successfully combined with the social media, your coupon code can go viral at the speed of light.

8. Podcasting traffic

People love video, but hey, they also love audio.

Podcasting is a great way if you don’t want to appear in front of the camera.

The biggest advantage of using the ‘podcasting strategy’ is that it can highly improve your credibility and authority. Especially if you are interviewed by another expert (celebrity) in your niche. Very powerful stuff.
Here are some of the leading podcasting sites that you can use in your own business:

• itunes.com
• allpodcasts.com
• digitalpodcast.com
• feeds4all.com (podcast category)
• fluctu8.com
• getapodcast.com
• gigadial.net
• godcast1000.com (Christian)
• ipodder.org
• learnoutloud.com
• mirpod.com
• podbean.com
• podcast411.com
• podcastalley.com
• podcastblaster.com/directory/
• podcastdirectory.com
• podcastingnews.com
• podcasting-station.com
• podcastpickle.com
• podcastpup.com
• podfeed.net
• rimpodcast.quickplay.ca/rimpodcasting/ (Blackberry)
• social.zune.net/podcasts/ (Zune)
• stitcher.com
• techpodcasts.com

9. Tutorial traffic

Tutorials are hugely untapped traffic source online.

If you have a website related to photoshop, graphic design, wordpress, web development, SEO, marketing, or programming, then you can upload your tutorials to the sites below and receive thousands of visitors.

What’s even more interesting, is that some of these websites will happily pay you anywhere from $50 to $100 per quality tutorial submitted.

So you can make some good money along the way.

Here are some of the most popular tutorial sites that you can use:

• Good-tutorials.com (Graphics/Photo/Programming)
• Tutorialized.com (Web design and marketing)
• tutorial-index.com (photoshop, coding, video, etc)
• tutorial-center.com (computer related)
• geekpedia.com (Programming)
• tutorialsphere.com (web, video, audio, etc)
• tutorialsgarden.com (photoshop & coding)
• thewebblend.com (Design)
• fstutorials.com (Web design)
• noupe.com (Graphics related)
• tutorialized.com
• noupe.com
• instructables.com
• pixel2life.com
• psLover.com
• tutorialkit.com
• ehow.com
• instructables.com
(… and there are dozens more)

10. eBook traffic

There are plenty of free and paid ebook sharing websites where you can upload your own eBooks and people will actually download and read them!

Here are some of them:

• free-ebooks.net
• getfreeebooks.com
• ebookdirectory.com
• e-booksdirectory.com
• free.yudu.com
• manybooks.net
• witguides.com
• bookyards.com
• bibliotastic.com
• smashwords.com
• sharewareebooks.com
• ebookjunkie.com (Free ebooks category)
• ebookmall.com (Free ebooks category)
• Amazon.com (Kindle version)

11. Q&A traffic


• answers.yahoo.com (still the most popular Q&A site).
• quora.com
• able2know.org
• akaqa.com
• allexperts.com
• answerbag.com
• answers.com
• linkedin.com/answers
• mahalo.com/answers/
• aolanswers.com
• ask.fm
• ask.metafilter.com
• askville.amazon.com/Index.do
• blurtit.com
• fluther.com
• formspring.me
• justanswer.com
• kgbanswers.com
• querycat.com
• quomon.com (tech related)
• quora.com
• stackexchange.com
• stackoverflow.com (programming related)
• theanswerbank.co.uk
• webanswers.com

12. Press release traffic

Depending on your niche, press releases can easily sky-rocket your brand/product awareness almost over night.


Many new online and tech start-ups took off solely because of the power of the press releases.

News sites and reporters from all over the globe are always looking for the next big thing that they could cover on their TV and radio shows.

Press releases are wonderful and can:

• send you a lot of traffic
• build a ton of high quality back-links
• instantly increase your product/brand awareness
• attract the attention of the media (TV, radio)

There are many free press release sites out there, but if you are serious, we highly recommend using paid PR sites.

The reason is simple – because of the quality.

For instance, PRWeb.com for just $89 will distribute your press release to literally thousands of high quality news sites, including the giants like cnn.com, bbc.com and other.

Just don’t forget to include your website link into your press release!

Here are the most effective Press Release distribution websites:

• 24-7pressrelease.com
• Newswire.com
• Onlineprnews.com
• PRLog.com
• PR.com
• PRLeap.com
• PRWeb.com

13. Guest blogging traffic

Yes, we realize that most of you have probably already heard about the power of guest
blogging. But how many of you are actually doing it?

And yes, it will take a while to craft a top notch post.

But consider this. Just a couple of high quality guest posts submitted to your niche leading websites can and will drive traffic for a LIFE TIME.

We can name countless of examples where completely brand new websites using just the ‘guest posting strategy’ alone went from zero to huge authority websites in just a mater of months.

In order to find guest blogging opportunities, you can conduct a keyword search on Google. Some search suggestions follow to help narrow your results:

– Use quotes and popular phrases such as “write for us” or “call for guest bloggers” or “guest blog submission”.
– Add a keyword to target your results based on the topic you want to write about such as “guest blogger” baseball.

Try it, it’s worth the time.

14. Blog commenting traffic

Many marketers would say that blog commenting is old school and it’s doesn’t work anymore.

Well, we wouldn’t be so sure.

If you can combine automation with blog commenting, this can become a great additional traffic source for you.
Instead of going to Google looking for forums, blogs and videos where your targeted audience hang out, we can automate the whole process and let the almighty Google Alerts system notify us whenever someone post anything related to your niche/product/keywords ON THE WHOLE INTERNET.


Google will send you an email with the exact link to the page almost the same minute when someone post the news, blog post, forum post or a video for your chosen niche/product!

Your only job is to click through that link and reply back.

Google Alerts is free and you can find it here: http://www.google.com/alerts.

You can create as many alerts as you want.

Here are a few examples of what you should be aiming for:

[product name]
[your niche]
[competitor products]
[keywords related to your niche]
[authors, writers, TV, Radio people related to your niche]
[anything else that’s relevant to your niche]

Be creative.

Think of what kind of questions your potential buyers would ask, such as:

How to cure XYZ
How to avoid XYZ
How to stop XYZ
How to get rid of XYZ

This is a very important step if you want to find those „golden nugget“ blog posts that your competitors won’t be able to find.

Then simply wait for emails from Google and put out at least 5 comments on a daily basis.

You will be amazed of how much traffic this strategy can generate you.

15. CPA Network traffic

This one is incredibly underground and powerful traffic source.

If you have a product (in any niche) you can put your product in front of thousands of active affiliates (publishers) and start receiving sales almost immediately.

You will only pay when the CPA network makes a sale for you. So it’s a win-win situation.

Keep in mind though, CPA networks will only talk with you if you have a large budget and a proven, high converting offer.
Here are the top 10 most popular CPA Networks to consider:


16. RSS directories and aggregators

If you have a high quality blog, you are welcome to submit it to the RSS directories and aggregators.

Basically, you grab your RSS feed and submit it to the popular RSS directories where they will display your blog post titles and link back to your original posts.

Great for free traffic and instant back-links.

What we like about the RSS directories and aggregators is that opposite to social bookmarking services, you need to submit your blog’s RSS just once.

Your blog post titles will be automatically added/updated once you publish something new.

This was a secret weapon for some of our websites for quite some time now.

Here’s a list that you can check it out:

• Alltop.com
• Feedagg.com
• Feedfury.com
• feedraider.com
• GoldenFeed.com
• feedcat.net
• feedage.com
• rssmotron.com
• rss-network.com
• rssmountain.com
• feedplex.com
• plazoo.com

17.Web 2.0 properties

Web 2.0 properties are basically free blogging platforms hosted on third party domains.

Now, why would you want to rewrite your original posts and add them on your web 2.0 properties?

First, sometimes they can rank higher than your original blog post. So you get more and better chances of your post being found, read and bring those visitor back to your main site.

Second, you will get a high quality backlink.

The best places to build your free blogs:

• weebly.com
• blogger.com
• livejournal.com
• tumblr.com
• webs.com
• wix.com
• wordpress.com

18. For more detailed ways how to drive free traffic to your site and real study cases to make it easier for you to understand and help you create an actual plan DOWNLOAD  How To Make $100 a day with Google Adsense By Leonard Hysaj


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