Can You Make $50 / Click With Google Adsense ?!

February 6, 2018

The Answer is Yes! That is possible with Google Adsense !

Not just $50 but in some specific niches there are keywords that can pay you up to $700/click !

Knowing that, with a minimal keyword research you can almost instantly hit a jack pot with your new Adsense website. But how can you know which spcific keywords that match your niche can pay you such amounts ?!

Let’s say you are a blogger and write about SEO, marketing tips and this type of content !

First, you can go to a website like SEMRush:

SEMrush is not a free tool. You can register a free account there an search up to 10 keywords per day.

That’s enough for any new starter!The great thing is that you don’t need to scratch your head coming up with keyword ideas. Just put any famous blog URL in the search bar and analyze the website.

For Example Here we are going to use ShoutMeLoud.Enter the website URL and click on start now.

Step 1: Here we we will get a complete overview of that website from SEMrush dashboard.

Step 2: Go to keywords section at down and click on full report.

Step 3: Next page will show all ranking keywords from the submitted website.

Step 4: Now, click on the down arrow placed in the CPC section.

Step 5: This will help you to bring all high CPC keywords to the top.

Use those high paying keywords to increase your Google AdSense revenue. You can try also any other famous blogs to find high quality keywords.

For more detailed way how to start earning with Google Adsense, Grow your CPC and generate more income Download “How to make $100 a day with Google Adsense by Leonard Hysaj

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