€3.032: Google Adsense Income Report October 2016

€3.032: Google Adsense Income Report October 2016



My transparency report is a monthly series where i share all of the important things that i have learned and also monthly Google Adsense Income + Traffic Reports.

This will give you an idea about new traffic sources and/or new income sources that you can apply to your blog.

I always work 22-24 Days/Month no matter how productive the work can be . From Day 1 to Day 24 i work to improve my website’s ranking on search engine, Create Daily Quality Content and drive traffic to my websites from several social media sources. In the remaining 6 days i prepare my other Websites for the next month to come

Prepare = Write Quality Content , Implement High Paying Keywords , Optimize Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization and Research.

In October i worked with 2 of my new Health Blogs which are linked with the same Google Adsense Account:


As you can see it, i manage to drive up to 335.000 visitors in October and generate  €3,032.

Writing high quality content from my staff and myself but also Google Ads Optimization in these 2 websites and very successful Facebook Advertising Campaigns.


  • Google Adsense Account : €3,032


  • Search Engines (Mostly Google and Bing)
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Twitter
  • Instagram (New Traffic Source This Month)
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr (New Traffic Source This Month)
  • Youtube (I Collaborated with some popular youtube channels regarding health content and i manage to drive up to 10.000 visitors from Youtube this month)

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