Everything You Need To Know About Google Adsense

Everything You Need To Know About Google Adsense


Everything You Need To Know About Google Adsense

What Is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an easy to implement and safe method to monetize web pages (your blog for you).

Adsense is a PPC (Pay Per Click) ad network. Publishers use a portion of space on their websites/blogs to serve Adsense ads. (For eg – check out the beginning of this post, you will find such an ad space used by Adsense.)

Now Google Adsense pays you for every valid CLICK made on those ads on your website/blog.

When your total earnings reach a minimum of $100, they send you your payment  by the end of that month by means of check (worldwide) or wired transfer/any other means (only for some limited countries).

How Does Adsense Work?

First of all, you have to register to the Google Adsense program (how to register? see below). They have a strict policy which your website must comply to while registering and also comply in the future to avoid any issues later on (Adsense is too famous for banning publishers who don’t comply to their terms and conditions).

After signing up successfully, you will be given ad codes to place on your website.

Google Adsense automatically scans your web content and serves ads which are related to your website content for best results.

Whenever some visitor finds the ad useful to him, he would click the ad to reach the advertiser’s site. For every such valid click, you receive some amount.

And as mentioned earlier, you are sent your total payment at the end of the month if it reaches a minimum of $100.

How To Get Started With Google Adsense?

First of all you need a website/blog which is ready for Adsense from every aspect. The site must comply to the google adsense program policies which you MUST read and understand properly before applying for Adsense.

Next head to https://www.google.com/adsense and click on the Sign-up button.


Then you would have to select the google account if you have any or you can create one now, its free.


After selecting the google account, you will have to submit details about your website that you want to place the ads on.

Actually, once you get approved by adsense you can place the same ads on any of your other websites too, but they must comply to the adsense policies for sure.


Head towards the last step and then wait for a response from the Adsense team via email.

Once you get approved by Adsense (you will get informed via email) you just need to create an ad unit and place it wherever you like on your website! Just login to http://google.com/adsense

How Much Can You Earn From Adsense

Everybody says “Nobody can tell you that!”. Because the earnings made from Adsense isn’t fixed at all. It depends on a lot of factors that you don’t need to get deep inside, neither will it make any difference.

I can explain in brief that the earnings from Adsense depends on the content of your website (different niche have different approximate earning base), on geographic location of visitors, on your site’s traffic location of ad units, your website’s overall quality and reputation and a lot of other small or large factors.

It can be said that you can earn anything from $0.01 to $20 per click.