€4.321- Google Adsense Income Report November 2016

€4.321- Google Adsense Income Report November 2016



Google Adsense November 2016 Income Report

My transparency report is a monthly series where i share all the traffic sources’,strategies and what type of content i have used to generate traffic and also how i optimize google adsense for my blogs.

This will give you an idea about new traffic sources and/or new income sources that you can apply to your blog.

I always publish content 22-24 Days/Month no matter how productive and successful the content can be . From Day 1 to Day 24 i focus to improve my website’s ranking on search engine, Create Daily Quality Content and drive traffic to my websites from several social media sources. In the remaining 6 days i prepare my other Websites for the next month to come.

Prepare = Write Quality Content , Implement High Paying Keywords , Optimize Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization and Research.

In November i worked with 2 of my new Insurance Related Blogs and also i published daily content in 2 other US Elections Related Blogs which are linked with 2 Google Adsense Accounts.

So each Google Adsense Account was linked with 2 blogs.

As you can see it, i manage to drive up to 747.000 pageviews in 4 Blogs and generate  €4321.


I created two new blogs about US Elections , with focused content in Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Why ? It was number one trending Topic in USA & had the chance to generate a lot of free traffiic from Social Media.

Up to 70% of traffic came form US Elections Content but the CPC was lower than usual. Then i linked my google adsense accounts with two Insurance Related Blogs just to generate Clicks With Higher CPC.


  • Google Adsense Account 1: €2.418



  • Google Adsense Account 2: €1.903



  • Facebook Groups
  • Google Communities
  • Search Engines (Mostly Google and Bing)
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Twitter Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr (New Traffic Source This Month)
  • Youtube (I Collaborated with some popular youtube channels regarding US Election content and i manage to drive up to 12.000 pageviews from Youtube this month)

I spend almost €300 In Facebook,Instagram and Twitter Ads Promoting My Insurance Realted Content.

All Ads was running in Usa, Canada , Australia and New Zealand.

That’s It !

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