Increase Web Traffic With FACEBOOK GROUPS

Increase Web Traffic With FACEBOOK GROUPS



Targeting Your Facebook Group Audience.

One of the best and most effective internet marketing strategies today, is to make sure we target the right audience.

Why try to build an audience who could care less, when the internet allows you to target the right audience who wants to know about your topic right now?

With Facebook groups, you can find the right individuals and, to make the matter even better for you, you can get in front of them at the right time!

There is more “reach” by sharing to groups, than any other organic marketing strategy on Facebook.

Find the right groups to share your blog posts with, it is the best way to target the right audience who is currently in the right mindset to engage with your message and bran

How To Share Your Blog Posts.

Here is how to optimize your posts shared to FB Groups.

#1 – No Short Links.

I and many others have tested whether or not short links work better than natural long links. Hands down, by over 35%, long links as the embed choice on Facebook posts win.

#2 – Featured Image.

Keeping the featured image from the blog post as the main image for the Group page post creates a sense of uniformity and familiarity when the click through does happen. Sometimes we can feel lost when clicking through to a page or post and not seeing the familiar presence upon arrival.

#3 – Description CTA.

Here is your chance to SELL the click! Descriptions, and I do not mean the auto-populated section at the bottom, I mean the section where you pasted in the link itself…

Remember, there is room for more, and I mean a short snippet that can convince people to click through.

3. Engagement Means Everything.

You can post to Facebook Groups, but can you engage and care?

Engagement is one of the most underused strategy when taking on social media marketing in general, not just with FB Groups. It’s not enough just to post and then leave.

Building influence is the key to true engagement and, conversion of traffic via social media. Make sure to “like” some other content. Make sure to say thank you as often as possible to those that like your posts.

Get Your Facebook Group Page Going!

Get your own Facebook group page going, I think this is a great way to build and continue conversation about your particular industry. And, it’s simply the best way to drive traffic to your new or old blog faster!

If you are worried about taking on “one more” social media profile, well don’t, look at the weak links in your chain on other platforms and then, replace it with an FB Group. Test and see what I am saying is true.

You do not need every social media channel, you only need what matters and works, and that means you need to be where your traffic is. And then, drive them away from the noise and back to YOU.