Website / Blog VS Web Startup

Website / Blog VS Web Startup



So First of all there is a huge difference between websites/blogs and web startups.

Now let me differentiate the web startups from bloggers/internet marketers. Web Startups might consist of CEO, CTO, COO, Management, Sales, Marketing, Technical and Administration employees in their organizations. And the Internet marketer/Blogger is more like a one-man-army organization (Solopreneurs), where he himself does or outsources marketing, technical, sales and advertising jobs.

The pros of websites over web startups:

  • You can start as a webmaster and you can become an entrepreneur by scaling up your websites.
  • You don’t have to obey the rules and regulations of a company and don’t worry about the tax, provident funds, legal formalities, registration and employee salary, when you start your business.
  • No need of initial funding as you can bootstrap your product and the costs will limit to good web hosting, web designing and content generation.
  • If everything doesn’t works as you expected, then dump it and move on with your new website or choose a new niche to work with.
  • You will find tons of articles related to blogging, affiliate marketing and make money online in the web, through which you can implement the right strategies and move in the right path.
  • No need to set up an offline office, factory, and wait for the break-even point of your company’s profit.
  • You can also sell/flip your blogs/websites for huge amount via website flipping sites and forums, thus you can have a lump sum to start a new project.
  • If you succeed to get the decent amount of reader-base/user-base, advertisers come for you; you don’t need to market yourselves!
  • You are not alone; you will have many blogger and affiliate marketer friends in Internet (Facebook/Twitter), who will help you in any time!
  • You will find many free tools (most of them are open source) to craft your ideas, the only thing to watch is how will you use it?

The pros of web startups over websites:

  • You will not be distracted by many niches as you and your startup is focusing on a single topic and a single core niche, which is actually a good to keep focus and working on it to become successful.
  • You will not have to give up your websites for legal disputes such as trademarks, name registrations, which you will consider when you begin your journey.
  • You will have a name and fame and it spreads faster than that of a website owner.
  • You can build an empire which can last longer or can be sold after 2-3 years.
  • Portals and blogs are not comparable to Web startups. Hence, you will have more reputation than the actual profit!

Yes, many bloggers and creative website builders earn more than what a real entrepreneur earns from their web startups by using Google Adsense, Clickbank/Amazon affiliates, Link/banner adverts , etc.