WordPress Vs Blogger

WordPress Vs Blogger


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Blogger Vs. WordPress, is a tough decision to make. Each Platform has their own Pros and Cons. Some find Blogger to be better whereas others love WordPress. So what should you choose? Blogger or WordPress? So Let us compare Blogger and WordPress feature by feature.


Since Blogger is self hosted and it provides you a subdomain of format www.yourblog.blogspot.com, you do not have to shell out a single penny to set up a blog. However if you wish to have a Web address of format www.yourblog.com than you will have to buy a custom Domain. Though not compulsory I strongly recommend buying a custom domain. You Can Buy Your Domain at Godaddy.com and you can use promotional coupons so you can buy it for just $1.

WordPress, on the other hand, is not self-hosted. Also, it does not offer you a Subdomain. So you will need to Buy a domain name as well as Web hosting Plan. Bluehost and Godaddy offers a free domain with its Web Hosting Plans.


Since Blogger is Google’s baby, it is really easy to set up a Blog at Blogger. If you have a Gmail account (Or any Google product account), it’s as good as having a blogger account.

Installing a WordPress account needs few more steps. You need to first buy a Domain name and Hosting plan . Thereafter you will have to upload WordPress to the Hosting account. Most Hosting Providers offer a one-click installation for WordPress. A separate WordPress account will be automatically create by most web hosts at the time of WordPress Installation. After installation, you can select a theme from 100’s of WordPress themes and customize it according to your needs. You may also want to download plugins to enhance your WordPress experience.

These may seem a bit complicated, however setting up WordPress takes not more than 10 minutes. Customizing may take some time mainly because unlike blogger it offers a great degree of customization.


There are only a few themes provided by Blogger to select from and I must admit none of them is good enough to give a professional look to your blog. There are few themes available on the internet but they are generally of low quality.

To add to it, Blogger just offers basic customizations like changing colors and layout. Your have the option to add Widgets or what Google calls it “Gadgets”. But they are very few in number. For any customized widgets, you have to either write the code yourself or rely on the few Websites offering support. Even for basic things like integrating Google Analytics, you will have to insert the code into the template. However, as a replacement for Google Analytics, Blogger does have an inbuilt option to display basic stats about traffic at your blog. That would suffice the needs of most newbies.

On the other hand, there are thousands of High quality Themes available for WordPress. These themes offer a great degree of customization. You can completely change your blog layout as per your need. A big WordPress community is there to help you out should you need help with customizing your Blog.

Add to it thousand of plugins for enhancing the already feature rich WordPress. Unless you are very particular about how you blog looks like, you may never have to play with the codes within your template.


For using Images with blogger, you will have to upload it to Google Photos. Google provides a limit of 15GB for Google photos. This limit should be enough for most unless you have a blog on photography, where you may run out of space soon

At WordPress, the limit for uploading images depends upon your Hosting Plan. Even in the case of host providers which provide limited disk space, you can easily upgrade your plan anytime should you run out of space.


Since Blogger is hosted on Google servers, it is considered to be safe from hackers. So you don’t have to worry about someone getting into your Blog and deleting all your Blog data

There is always a security concern with WordPress blogs. And if you choose a cheap host, you are only making things worse for you and easy for the hacker. You will have to backup you Blog regularly to minimize the losses in case if some hacker targets you. This is the reason most WordPress Bloggers will recommend you to choose reliable web hosting companies, as cheap hosting companies have very poor security.


With Blogger, you get a Google Adsense widget which you can easily put up anywhere on your blog. You can also use other modes of advertisements but you will have to manually insert the codes provided by the advertiser into your blog through text gadgets.

At WordPress, you have to insert all advertising codes including Google Adsense separately. However, there are many Adsense ready WordPress themes which allow you to quickly add Adsense code to your blog. Moreover, you can also use plugins to insert an advertisement in between your post content. You can also easily choose to display an advertisement only on a particular page.