Blogging Explained In 12 Simple Steps

February 8, 2018

Blogging it’s not rocket science and with the right aproach and Content Passion everyone can succeed!

12 Steps to Your New Blog

  1. What is your blogging purpose?
  2. What will you blog about? Define your blogging niche and make sure it’s viable
  3. What will you call your blog? 4 factors to consider when choosing a domain name
  4. Start your blog – register your domain name, set-up hosting and install WordPress
  5. Get your blog looking good – blog design and theme choices
  6. Add content and functionality to your blog with WordPress
  7. Blog launch checklist and bonus learning modules on email and social media
  8. Write Original and Quality Content
  9. Apply for Google Adsense and Monetize Your Blog
  10. Generate Free Traffic from Search Engine and Social Media
  11. Optimise ADS and CPC
  12. $$$$$$$$$

Everyone of these steps explained in a very detailed way on my ebook:


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