How Much Does It Cost to Run a Blog? (Everything Explained)

February 20, 2018

For those of you who want to be anything but casual when it comes to blogging, there are certain costs that you have to know. Paying for the things listed here will help you to set yourself apart from the casual bloggers and reach success in the long run. So, let’s see how much it costs to run a blog.

1.Hardware Costs

Professionals handle blogging in a completely different manner than the casuals do. They usually use a reliable laptop, a decent webcam, quality microphone and a DSLR with a couple of additional lenses. Here is why you need it, what the entry level gear is and how much it costs.

A Decent Laptop

Using the laptop as a blogger has many benefits over using a desktop computer. The main being, of course, the ability to write and maintain your blog and other things related to it from any location you choose. You need something reliable, with a long battery life, HD screen, at least 8Gb RAM, at least an i5 processor and yet nothing too big or heavy.

If you prefer Apple over PC, you can’t make a mistake with the MacBook Pro 15-inch, you will get a reliable and incredibly fast laptop. It packs serious hardware, so you will be able to use it for photo and video editing as well. With a battery life of 10 hours, you will get yourself a serious piece of hardware that will serve you well for at least a couple of years. The price tag on this one is $2,399.
If you are not an Apple fan and want to spend a lot less but still have approximately the same power, the HP Envy with a 13.3 inch full HD display can make this possible for you. It packs 8GB of RAM, the latest generation i5 processor, and 256Gb SSD. The price tag on this one is $679.


DLSR and Lenses

It is not by chance that the image has become the most valued type of content by digital marketers. It has the power to capture a viewer’s attention to engage the audience. If you want to add more value and uniqueness to your blog, you should consider taking your photos.

The good entry level camera for bloggers is Nikon D3300 18-55mm VR Lens Kit. It packs everything you need, and it costs $450. It’s better to get the kit because it is much cheaper than to buy a camera body and lens separately. If your blogging niche requires you to use zoom when taking photos, you should consider an 18-200mm lens. It will cost you another $450.

Having multimedia tools for your blog niche will most certainly help you create better content and build your audience faster.

2.Hosting Costs

There are many hosting companies online. You want to make sure to have your blog website hosted by a trusted company to avoid any inconveniences, such as frequent downtimes or poor customer support.

The hosting services provided by many hosting companies will cost you from $2 to $20 per month. This price may go up if you want any of the advanced plans offered by these providers. To make an informed decision, we can provide you reviews of the best web hosting companies.

3.Domain Costs

The domain name is important, as it will be your blog name, thus tied to your brand identity. It will add more credibility and increase the level of professionalism of your blog. You can purchase a domain name from a registrar or a hosting company.

The average cost of a .com domain, for instance, is around $14 per year. When purchasing a domain name, make sure that you are the one who will own it. We are saying this just as a precaution.

4.Design Costs (CMS)

You have three options here. You can go with something completely custom-designed, specially tailored by professionals, and built from the ground up to meet your unique needs and requirements. The other choice is to go with WordPress and buy one of the favorite themes for blogging or get a theme and further modify it. There is one more factor that changes the price of the design process – and that is if the work is going to be done by a company or a freelancer.

The cheapest option is to go with a ready-to-go WordPress theme. Themes suitable for bloggers can be bought for $30 to $60 or you can get download proffessional wordpress templates for free at WPLOCKER!!

If you have basic skills at Powerpoint or Photoshop you can create a logo for yourself of free but if you want something more proffessional looking there are freelancers who can provide you with that service for $50-$100.

5.Advertising Costs

There are numerous ways to promote and advertise your blog that won’t cost you anything but your time. But if you already have quality content on your blog, you can pay for promotion and advertising to push things in the right direction.

Google AdWords is Google’s service that can be used to promote a blog on Google Search. The good thing is that you won’t get charged when the link to your blog is displayed. Your account will be charged only if anyone clicks on it.

You can set and change the pricing model anytime you chose or start, pause and stop your advertising campaign whenever you see fit. You will be able to set the cost and have complete control over your budget. The price varies depending on your choice of keywords. Each click may cost from $1 up to $50.

A Facebook advertising campaign can be used to target your audience precisely. The price will vary depending on the size of the audience and your niche. It may be $0.16 up to $1+ per click.
On Twitter, you can use promoted tweets, accounts and trends. Promoted trends will cost you $200,000 per day. This plan is not suited for bloggers, but promoted tweets and accounts are. These will cost you $0.50 to $4 per engagement.

LinkedIn advertising costs depend on your targeting settings and the competition. Average cost per click sits at around $2

For more paid traffic you can promote your website at Outbrain or Taboola

6.Software Tools

Fortunately, the vast majority of software tools needed by bloggers are free. Take Google Docs for instance. However, some tools might help you become more efficient at what you do.

A speech recognition tool will help you to transcribe text through voice. These types of tools have evolved, and they are capable of recognizing precise terms and acronyms tied to different niches. They are also capable of learning new phrases and words. This software goes for anywhere between $35 to $80.

To sort your ideas and never lose track of them, you can consider buying a project management and writing tool. This type of two-in-one software can help you store, sort and structure your ideas on the go. If you are writing 10x content, these tools can be of much help. The average price of these is $40.

Proofreading, editing and fine-tuning your content is also essential. Some tools can help you with this. You will get the grammar and spell checks, great customization of writing style and advanced vocabulary enhancement. This software service goes for around $30 per month. Grammar tool that we use and recommend is Grammarly.

Since many bloggers use WordPress as their blogging platform, we are going to mention premium WordPress plugins too. Headline optimizers are something that any blogger should consider. These plugins use engagement metrics and check whether the content lives up to the headline to determine which headline is the most accurate and has most engaging potential. The average price on these is around $70.


If we sum the things up, here is how much it costs to run a blog in two different scenarios.

Price Bare Necessities Path of a Pro Blogger
MacBook PRO $2399 X
HP Envy $679 X
Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 $100 X
Logitech HD Pro Webcam C270 $40 X
Audio-Technica ART2100 $69 X X
Nikon D3300 VR Kit Lens $450 X
Zoom 18-200mm Lens $450 X
Web Hosting $20 / month X X
Domain Name $14 / year X X
WordPress Theme $45 X X
Customization $500 X
Completely New Design $2500 Optional
Copywriter $33 / hour X
Advertising Depends on the scope and duration of your strategy X X
Speech Recognition Software $35 X
Project Management/Writing Tool $40 X
Proofreading $30 / month X
WordPress Plugins $69 X
Total Initial Expenses $867 $4,221
Total Monthly Expenses $21 $51


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